How to choose the right vendor for your event.

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

There are so many different aspects to choosing the right vendor that will suit all your wants and needs for your event. The one thing that is easily used a lot is the matter of staying within your event budget. You typically budget out how much you want to spend on each vendor and decide from there. Another way would be to choose based on your style and taste. Go based off the vendors social media posts, advertisements, style shoots; this will show you the different services they can provide you for your big event.

The one factor that I choose to go based on is the clients personality and style or theme of the event. For example, I will not choose a BBQ Caterer for a classy high end event. Typically, you would want to go with a classier caterer that can offer you a sit down dinner or a nice buffet. I would choose a BBQ caterer for an event like a family reunion or a stag and doe, andI would also look for a party rental vendor that provides games and activities to rent out for that specific as well.

There are so many different things you can use to decide which type of vendors are perfect for your event. Every event planner or party planner usually has a preferred list of vendors for their clients to go to or hire. It makes it easier for the planner to communicate with the vendor and negotiate prices with them to fit in the clients budget.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog. Keep your eyes out for next weeks blog!!

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