The Best Event Tip I've Ever Received

    The best event tip that was ever given to an event planner, was to always make sure you have no more then three colours for your event that go along with your theme. This is because, if you have to many colours, it can start to look pretty sloppy and unorganized. There is only quote that stood out but no longer does was "live with as much colour in your life as you can, no matter the time or place." 

    This is one of the best event planning tips that was recieved because it truly does look more organized, professional and thought out when there is less then three colours. The most popular colours that are used together in 2020 so far, have been purple, silver and white. These colours contrast so well together, and make the room look so classy.     

    This is the only advice that stood out for me personally, and I believe that every client that I guide from now on, will live by this tip. Thank you. 

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